McDonald’s with the Owner



After all these months blogging we have run into many restaurant owners with a passion for what they do. We went to McDonald’s to see if their standards of food had shifted from borderline animal abuse to something we could stomach.

I was shocked by what happened. The owner’s family has owned McDonald’s franchises for 20 plus years, and he did love his restaurant. Their standards are actually leading the fast food market too. Their beef standards have not fully changed but they are changing their chicken to be hormone free in the next couple of months.

We can easily blame McDonald’s for everything it has created when it comes to frightening standards of food, but in reality, those people are dead and the only people we can blame are the ones who bought the products. The standards are changing because people are demanding that change. As people wake up and demand for higher standards the industry will change.

McDonald’s is now offering fresh beef that requires a special compression fridge they designed. With opening the fridge for every order they had to create a way to keep it cold inside.

We asked about the sourcing of ingredients and the owner said they do source from Texas.



Interview Coming Soon….

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