The Carnivorous Scientist: An Intro to Ainsley

Are you sick of food being qualitative? Like vomit out the words calories, and good for you and bad for you, level of sick? Or how we think eating five servings of fruit and veggies a day makes us think we can do four bananas with a kiwi and vodka and call it healthy. Think how rare fruit is to actually find. Without stores it would take a lot of searching and sweating to have it, and it rots fast so it would be hard to store. So it makes sense it could confuse our bodies to devour it all the time. Even if it is as vitamins.


Most nutrients the human body needs, and the ones Americans are most deficient in, are found in dark greens. Magnesium and iron, which the brain needs to function, are locked in its leaves. All the nutrients humans need are found in organ meat. Yet we eat bananas. Admittedly, those frozen ones with chocolate are even better than the shape they imply. Shout out to Bananarchy. I love the burst and juicy mind blaring that fruit gives us. But I think about what that love is, and if it is over blissful. The mind creates such a large release of feel good hormones, and we want those, but why? Maybe when the body ate fruit it knew it had to store it. That energy source was quick and faded fast, so to survive it has to eat a lot. We see it in other animals. Bears are known for eating honey. They store it and then hibernate. 

Wicked Sing a long Pic

Don’t be afraid of organ meat. It’s from the same animal the ground meat is from.


IMG_20160525_124949 (1)

I want food and math and chemistry to form an equation. We need, not just the number of calories/energy found in our food, but the effective numbers it has on the brain. I want to know how many numbers caffeine is. I want to compute how many numbers are in wine, how much it depress the brain, what area it is in, and for this to be something we can qualitate into how it affects us.

It makes the brain skip these words. It makes the brain forget these sentences because it can no longer access this part of the brain.

It makes us forget pain and bad memories because it is -75 to the hippocampus and pain is at -95. Can you imagine the awesome mini robot that could tell you what exactly you need to balance your brain? It could tell you every nutrient you were low in. It could tell you what the liquid or solid you want to put in your body will do to it. But that’s the future.



But food. The way it connects us to itself and life…

It’s a form of viscerality the first time you truly taste meat.

The way you can taste different layers of flavor.


And you didn’t imagine it. You didn’t think up the way this tastes. It would be impossible. You did not create the flavor, the flavor signaled itself to you. Your brain has stored the flavor, the taste, so deep inside you that it was there when you were born.

I love food. I think having food with the right nutrients and care and love creates memories and ideas within us. It’s what our brain uses to function. We use it to move, to talk to people, and everything you can think of.

So if you’re swallowing these things and putting them inside you, don’t you think it matters how they were treated? Do unto food what you want food to do inside you.


Alter Worship


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